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It's an exclusive and innovative new service where business professionals can have tools and systems built for a fraction of normal development costs. All you need to do is provide a brief description of a system or tool you would find really helpful with your work.

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If you've ever wished for a system, template or tool that would help save time and improve your productivity but couldn't find anything off-the-shelf, then Suggestion Box is the answer!

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Every month, we'll select the most popular and useful suggestions, and build them.

We'll bear all of the cost of building the selected suggestions, and when they're ready, they'll be made available to Suggestion Box members to purchase and download at hugely discounted prices.

Even if your suggestion isn't popular, but would still be very useful for your business, generous discounts will apply if you'd like us to build it for you, just because you're a Suggestion Box member.

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Current Suggestions:

99A visual scheduler that allows you to allocate a colour to a client, and then automatically use that colour to fill out a schedule looking ahead two weeks.4
100Telemarketing application that lets you feed lists into it, and then be able to call each individual prospect, schedule callbacks, and be able to see history on previous calls/comments at a glance. It would be great to have a built-in web browser that looks up the prospects business or website too.3

Selected Suggestions:

81A simple invoicing tool that can be used to bill goods and/or services, with a built in time tracker, to record billable hours.2
82I often have to take notes when dealing with clients or when i'm in meetings with colleagues. Is there anything out there that can categorize and record my notes ? I currently use word or excel, which isnt the best method.2
83A quick and easy way to generate QR codes.6
85I'm a builder and my bookkeeper regularly updates my accounts on an online system. I would like an app that helps me keep track of expenses per job that is completely separate to the info I pass on to the bookkeeper. I need to: 1. create and modify jobs 2. create and modify expense items 3. set a budget for each expense item, which I can total and provide as my quote to my customer 4. record payments for each expense item by date, reference, description and amount. Some expense items may have several part payments. 5. create a report by job that shows me total expenses, and whether I've made a profit or loss against the total budget/quote amount. This report should also show the profit or loss in each payment I've made for all expense items, so that I can see which expense items have gone over budget. Thanks.8

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