Small Apps save staff hours, and businesses thousands of dollars

There are literally thousands of dollars locked away in your business that can be set free just by working smarter. Think about it, there are so many tedious and repetitive tasks in most businesses, that take employees hours to complete. Most, if not all, of them could be automated easily and effectively by using a range of technology that's been around for quite some time.

So what kinds of tasks are these? Here's a list of just a few that might be familiar:

What are Small Apps?

Small Apps are built using a range of existing technology, for use on either a single computer, across a network or over the internet. They can be as simple or as complex as you need, and are fully customised to your exact and unique requirements. They can be rapidly developed and deployed, so that the benefits they provide can start making a positive impact on a business' bottom line straight away.

All the jobs you wished could be automated, but could never find an online service, or off-the-shelf software for, can be developed with the specific functionality you need. There are practically are no limits to the range of tasks a Small App can be built for, and they can be a very cost-effective way to increase productivity, make your processes much more efficient, and boost profitability.

Large corporations have teams of dedicated technical specialists who produce specialised Small Apps to assist in many different areas and departments, to manage and simplify a lot of complicated and business-critical tasks. They've been doing it for years, which is all the more reason why SMEs should start doing the same, if they're not already.

How do Small Apps save money?

Anything that takes hours or even days to do, costs a business more money, the longer it takes to get done. Time is money, as we all know, and freeing up that time also means freeing up the money locked up in getting that job done. The cost-saving benefits of Small Apps can be illustrated by the following scenario:

If a task currently takes 5 hours a week to complete, and the person completing that task is paid $20 per hour, then the task costs a total of $100 every time it is performed.
That works out to an average of $433.33 per month, and a total of $5,200 per year.

There are many examples (that we will be happy to share with you) where the time taken to complete tasks like these have been reduced drastically to a matter of minutes with the help of a Small App.

It's a simple calculation to see that if there are at least around four such tasks in a business, then Small Apps developed specifically to perform or assist in those tasks could save that business a minimum of $20,800 each and every year.

On top of that, many tasks may take longer than 5 hours a week, and are likely to cost more than just $20 per hour, which translates to much bigger savings.

How do Small Apps increase Productivity and Efficiency?

There aren't many people in the world who love paperwork. Even less who enjoy long, tedious and repetitive work. If those kinds of tasks are automated, the obvious benefit is that the people doing them are now free to pursue other more productive pursuits that they enjoy, and which benefit the businesses that employ them.

For example, a Sales Rep who has to spend hours preparing a weekly report, can now spend that time chasing more leads. A Customer Service Professional can ensure that the level of attention they provide to customers isn't compromised by the administrative tasks they need to perform. Small and Solo Entrepreneurs can automate tasks to help them focus more on work that is rewarding and productive.

Ultimately, happy employees are productive employees, and by taking the headache and frustration out of the tasks they perform, Small Apps can help the entire organisation!

How can you make Small Apps work for you?

This part of the journey is simple, because that's where we come in. We used to be those technical experts working for the large corporations mentioned earlier, and we want to make their methods of success available to SMEs. We understand business because it's what we're most passionate about, and where the heart of our experience and qualifications lie.

We've been building Small Apps for years, and have delivered results to a range of clients in many different industries. We have the technical skill and the commercial know-how to improve your profitability, so please feel welcome to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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